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Chang Jiahuang
Chang Jiahuang was born in 1950 in  the Huangqing temple at the Mogao grottos in Dunhuang China. He studied in Lanzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. His parents, artists themselves, introduced him to the oil painting since 1971. During his childhood, Chang Jiahuang has been regularly sent away from his parents, who stayed in Dunhuang to restore the Mogao frescoes and wanted to spare him the hard life of the Taklamakan desert. It was at this time that he became interested in drawing and wash. In 1962 back to Dunhuang Chang Jiahuang starts watercolor painting from his father. In 1966, during the Cultural Revolution, he continues to study painting, reading foreign books and learn photography with an old camera. The photographic art will thus have a particular influence on his style, color vision and composition of artwork.

Until 1978: Chang Jiahuang  is  disciple of his father as well as for artistic research on Dunhuang and for drawing from nature. At the same he works closely to Chinese artists like Li Keran, Wu Zuoren , Guan Shanyue and Shi Lu, while learning from them he participated to the  research  work on Mogao Caves led by  Chang Shuhong and Changxian  Li. During the four years of his training, he learned the techniques of archeological restoration  and the art of copying Dunhuang  frescoes with his parents as teachers.

 In 1978, matriculated in  oil painting, at the School of Arts, Northwest Normal University.
As the assistant and secretary of parents he participated to the arts development at Dunhuang for 30 years as the photographer of Chinese cultural relics bureau;
 In 1982 graduated and worked in State Administration of Cultural Heritage and became member of Chinese Artist Association.

Between 1984 and 1990 went to Japan for study and research in  oriental art at Takushoku University at Tokyo University and at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music having as professors prestigious  Japanese painters like Ikuo Hirayama, Kaii Higashiyama and Tatsuo Takayama. During those six years, he participates to pictorial achievements under the leadership of his parents, travels extensively, particularly in Central Asia, and throughout Japan to paint live. Strongly influenced by the art and culture of Japan, interested in Buddhist philosophy he  went  to India and Nepal to better understand Sakyamuni. He participated with his parents to create the frescoes at the prestigious Buddhist temple of Horyu in Japan. Back to China  he becomes  professor and researcher at the University of Hangzhou.

1994: Chang Jiahuang promises his father to  continue the work Chang Shuhong  started nearly fifty years earlier in Dunhuang. In same year, after his death, he starts his father project to open new caves in Dunhuang, devoted to art production by contemporary artists.

In 2000 he participates to the creation of the biggest environmental work in the world, «Forest Dragons» (1000 m x 800 m), a plantation  of thousands of trees.

In 2004 he paints on the cliffs of Dunhuang the China's first outdoor mural
(25 m x 60 m).

Between 2009 and 2010 he begins to create a  series of large paintings on the theme of the prosperous China, including Mount Qomolangma exposed to the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

His recent works:

In 2010: "Crown of the East" (8.1 x2, 3 m) for the World Expo Shanghai, "The Olympic Games Torch» and «Pearl River " two paintings for Asian Olympic Games of Guangzhou.

In 2011 he paints «The tides of Qiantang River " for the Province and the University of Zhejiang, "the Huashan Mountain " for the government of Saitama Prefecture in Japan , and for the Shenzhen University Olympics a memorial painting  offered to the Mayor of the city.
He completed the enormous work of «Heart Sutra. »
Soleil en méditerranée
In France, In Saint Paul de Vence, he  paints  live a large canvas during a lyric  performance on the life of his father, Chang Shuhong. This painting «Sun in the Mediterranean" has been presented at the Association of Artists of Saint Paul.
 In 2012 he paints in Japan, "The Energy of Furano» presented to the government of Furano, Hokkaido,  complets his monumental work “Pine of Hope” and “The supplication of the oriental  Cherry” presented to the Earth Greening Center and exposed in all major Japanese towns.
Back to his country he begins a long series of paintings "The light of our country."

Like his parents, and for their memory, Chang Jiahuang is dedicating his life to the protection  and resurrection of Dunhuang.

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