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Chang Jiahuang is a Chinese contemporary artist heir of a family of artistic tradition. His career is closely linked to the site of Dunhuang in China, last oasis of the famous Silk Road : Wikipedia.

He is the son of Chang Shuhong, a  Chinese painter who lived in France in the 30s and later transmitted to his son the Chinese and Western painting techniques,  he  was able to mix in an unique style. Alongside  his career he devoted himself to the preservation of  Mogao grottos in Dunhuang.

Chang Jiahuang, while distancing himself  from the family heritage with a very personal work, resumed  ties with Dunhuang, after a career mainly conducted in Japan since 1984.

fter  his father death  in 1994, he began to pursue the thousand years  Dunhuang decoration, opening new caves to modern paintings and contemporary artists (Read more ...)

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