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Chang Jiahuang en vidéos

Université Berkeley Inspiring minds

Shanghai 2012
Celebrating his 20 years in China, Berkeley University have commissioned a painting to  Chang Jiahuang. The artist throughout the composition and realization of the painting has taken hundreds of photos.
These photos have been reworked by a team of professional programmers able to redisigne on scene the painting following the movements of two dancers, acting as the brush of the artist.
On an inclined stage, lines and colors were traced by a play of light from the ceiling and the spectators saw the painting emerging  from the dancers movements.

At the end of the show, the original painting whose exact revival has been recreated on scene was donated to the President of the prestigious University.

The silk Road

September 2, 2011
The city of  Saint Paul  and Artamis Association held at the Place de la Courtine, an exceptional event, an extraordinary artistic journey from Dunhuang, China to Saint-Paul de Vence, France.
Two great opera singers, Elizabeth Vidal and André Cognet, told and sang on stage the life of Chang Shuhong,  his moments of joy and suffering.
The music of Stephen Elliot and the intensity of the voices of the two singers have guided the brush of the artist, Chang Jiahuang, who performed on stage a large canvas dedicated to the memory of his father.

It was a magical moment between two cultures, East and West, between two forms of art, music and painting, and between two great countries, China and France.

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